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Brand Management

The topic of brands remains on the top agenda in the executive suites of all companies as the "mega-topic par excellence".
The main task of a brand is to differentiate a company with its products and services or the company itself from the competition and to make it unique. Because it is the brand that gives origin and character, creates identity and meaning - and makes corporate services incomparable and relatable.

As a reaction to the "deepening" and "broadening" with regard to the view of the brand, however, for some time now extended requirements and necessities have been placed on the field of activity in the form of holistic brand management, further stakeholders vis-à-vis the brand have been taken into account and the handling of certain challenges of corporate management (e.g. mergers & acquisitions) has also been integrated as a special area in the field of activity of brand management.

From a corporate perspective, however, the hoped-for potential for success of strong brands can only be realized if the need for brand orientation of the entire company is recognized, (corporate) brands are strategically planned, formulated and consistently anchored, both internally and externally.

Strong brands grow from within. Once the strategy has been developed, the top priority is therefore to anchor the brand within the company.

This requires a brand engagement process in which employees from all areas of the company are empowered and motivated not only to keep the brand promise, but to "live" brand values. To this end, employees are involved in the process of brand building, informed about the brand and enthused for the brand in order to ultimately influence their behavior in the sense of the brand.

Every employee should be able to identify with the brand and build up a commitment to it. Internal branding releases forces and increases performance within the company. At the same time, problems and hurdles have to be removed. Silo thinking and a lack of brand-customer orientation often hinder the successful implementation of a brand in the market. This requires a brand-oriented corporate culture, organizational structures and processes.

And it sounds almost simple: A brand is successfully anchored in the company when all employees have understood the brand and act in its spirit. But anyone who has had initial experience with strategy implementations or internal branding knows that it is usually a long and arduous road to this goal!

Internal branding is a set of strategic measures to steer a planned change management process, which must be carried into the organization to ultimately become a permanent task.

Our customers' questions mostly address the following problem areas:

  • How can we take up the topic of brand in our company and implement it sustainably?
  • How do I get our top management on board and convince them about the brand?
  • How can I anchor our brand in the way employees think, feel and act?
  • How can I operationalize the brand for individual business units?
  • How can I ensure and measure brand-compliant actions by my employees?
  • How can I optimally set up the structures and processes in my (marketing) organization?
  • How do I maintain the momentum for the topic of brand in our company in the long term?
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We get your employees on board and unleash their potential for the company. To do this, we anchor your brand in the way your employees think, feel and act, thus increasing commitment and performance. Using proven approaches, we show you how to implement your brand (identity) in your company, promote brand-compliant behavior and create an appropriate environment for it.

Depending on your individual needs and the situation in your company, we analyze your current status quo, define and prioritize internal target groups, and develop an efficient action plan for effective internal brand roll-out. In doing so, we effectively combine mass media measures with personal communication. The brand values are operationalized and translated into concrete behaviors through targeted training.

How customer- or brand-oriented are your marketing processes and structures? Do you consistently look at the needs of your customers from the perspective of your brand? Processes and structures have often grown historically, but often no longer meet today's requirements.

How satisfied are you with your communication measures and your communication impact? We help you identify and leverage potential for making your communication more effective.

Wir optimieren dabei nicht nur einzelne Kommunikationsmittel, sondern entlang der gesamten Markenkontaktpunkte auf der Kundenreise – ob Werbespot, Events, Sponsorings oder der Auftritt am Point of Sale . Auf diese Weise schaffen wir ein konsistentes Kundenerleben und eine einfache Kundenreise – und unterstützen somit den Erfolg Ihrer Marke.

Translating brand into products and service

Products and services are the core of a brand's performance. In the sense of a brand carrier, the brand promise is manifested within them and can be experienced by customers. It is therefore very important that the core performance and its concrete implementation in design and tangible service are to the point.

We structure your product and service portfolio according to offerings with special appeal for the brand, operationalize the brand into concrete product and service characteristics that should be experienced, and check for the degree of implementation. From this, we derive concrete optimization potentials for the further development of products and services.

Implement brand in sales

Does your sales force sell according to the heel-and-toe principle, via price, via product and service advantages - or via the brand? Wouldn't it be desirable if sales could benefit from the power of your brand and sell in line with the brand conformity?

We analyze how well your sales team acts as brand ambassadors to customers and how it uses brand values effectively in sales talks. Whether pre-sales, sales or after-sales - we develop tailored tools for brand-compliant customer contact in every phase and train your entire sales team in argumentation and behavior based on the brand philosophy. In addition, we help your sales team to optimally integrate digital structures and processes. Would you like to turn employees into brand ambassadors?

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Employees are the key success factor in effectively bringing the customer experience and the value proposition of a brand to life. Against this backdrop, it is extremely important to attract and retain not only high potentials but also right potentials for a company.

Employees are the key success factor in effectively bringing the customer experience and the value proposition of a brand to life. Against this backdrop, it is extremely important to attract and retain not only high potentials but also right potentials for a company.

In the battle for skilled workers and applicants, it is becoming increasingly important to position oneself clearly in the market as an employer. The goal of the employer branding strategy is not to increase the number of applications immeasurably, but rather to attract the right employees. "Hire for attitude not for skills" must be the motto. Among the best, select those who really fit your company. An employer branding strategy helps you build an attractive employer brand.

  • How do I develop an effective employer branding strategy?
  • How can I assert myself in the "war for talents" and position myself as an attractive employer? How can I differentiate myself as an employer from the competition?
  • How do I build a strong employer brand?
  • How do I express my added value to attract the right employees?
  • How do I bind existing employees to the company and inspire them as an employer?
  • How can I optimally set up the structures and processes in my (HR) organization?

With our expertise in the development of employer branding strategies, we make decisive value contributions to your effective employer brand.

To establish and develop employer branding or its strategic implementation, we develop systematic steps with our clients that are accompanied in parallel by process and structural employer branding topics. In combination with internal branding measures, we pick up new employees after they have joined the company in order to inspire them with the values of your brand and to promote commitment - from training and event measures to individual coaching.

Employer branding is not sole purpose- a strong employer branding strategy increases the quality of incoming job applications, results in stronger long term employee loyalty and reduces employee turnover. This increases the company's performance.

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