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Team Development

How do you turn a group into a team, how can you support, enable or accelerate the team building process?

Often reasons for the need of team development are diffuse. In any case, however, it is obvious that the current teamwork is not working as it should and consequently performance is suffering. The underlying triggers are often hidden and require targeted intervention.

Team development is neither an end in itself nor a synonym for "climbing garden" but always linked to team performance and quality of work. Rather, friction losses are to be reduced and synergy effects achieved.

We play the keyboard of team development at all hierarchical levels. Whether it is a Management - a project team - a team affected by change or a newly formed team, with us, you can enjoy real collaboration again.

In the context of change projects we support developments of teams on different levels:

  • the top team / Management team,
  • change project teams,
  • employees directly affected by change
  • and above all teams that are newly formed in change situations

In every team development we proceed systematically:

  • Diagnosis of the initial situation and clarification of the objectives
  • target group specific conception
  • methodically and didactically planned implementation of team development measures
  • specific evaluation of the transfer of the measures and plans into everyday life

We use practical examples and make sure that the team leader remains in the leadership role. We quickly see where things are hanging in your team and know the appropriate solutions. Possible building blocks of an individually tailored team development workshop are:

  • Interface management: Where does cooperation run smoothly, where are there problems? What can be done to hand over work packages cleanly?
  • Action plans: To ensure the transfer of the workshop results, concrete action plans are developed jointly. They form the basis for further action in the company.
  • Outdoor elements and vivid tasks that illustrate what is important in successful teamwork and how important the role of each and every individual is in this.
  • Coaching: Managers are familiarized with the central processes of group dynamics, reflect on their own status as part of the system and are made aware of the possibilities and limits of design measures.

It is important to us that the team freely develops its potential, recognizes its strengths and weaknesses and works out solutions, and that learning and development are enjoyable. A dose of humor facilitates access to constructive solutions even for difficult and tense problems. We repeatedly "hold up the mirror" to the participants, provide honest feedback from an external perspective, and do so in a way that is both appreciative and clear.

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